Cosmic Conundrums of the Talking Apes

Trivial practices met with obsolescent policies which solutions they fail to muster 

Lost between the frigid bulbous voids, set deep in the heart of a galactic cluster 
A planet of blue and green, not untethered from the brutal and chaotic natural order 
All births pursued by deaths, methodically encroaching from each and every border 
There are those with gods and goddesses, and a growing number who insist on a lack-there-of 
To me their is only a quest for personal truth, and an unmistakable beauty to be found up above 
The majestic night sky with points of concentrated light emanating from ancient deceased stars 
Outshone by celestial objects throughout the solar system, like our moon, Venus, or even Mars 
Some folks consider us analogous to the Mona Lisa, a divine masterpiece only a God could create 
I find that superficial and extremely presumptuous; it is clear to me that I am a bipedal primate 
The concept of blind faith, perhaps valiant, gets caught in an inevitable nonsensical misdirection
Humanity forges decay with no reflection or detection, spreading like malignant bacterial infection
– Parnabus